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What does "Lead Your Career"​ mean?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

My definition of happiness is making those around me successful. I've been thinking about ways to do this on a bigger platform because of some insightful articles I’ve read lately from Ashley Weckworth and Conner Logsdon's Collective Co. Over the coming months, I'll be sharing my thoughts and advice about LEADING YOUR CAREER. I look forward to hearing from you as you read my posts or listen to my podcasts!

What "Lead Your Career" Means:

Going through your career is a lot like going through a workout. If you don't continually push yourself, you probably won’t get the results you really desire. I've seen many highly motivated people get to a "comfortable" spot in their career and then just slow down. This could be because life got busy, opportunities for advancement seem bleak, they don't know how to make progress, or they maybe just feel burned out. Whatever the reason is, I'm a firm believer that your inner fire is still smoldering and with a little kindling you can get it burning again!

"Lead Your Career" is:

  • The kindling you need to get your fire going

  • A reminder of where you want to be and suggestions for what you need to do to get there

  • A call to action for you to take hold of your career and lead it to where you want to be

  • Information you may already know, but you need some gentle reminders

Purpose for the articles:

I'm not claiming to be an expert! I have seen, read, listened to and learned plenty about what it takes to lead your career, and I'm sharing my take on what I think matters. I'm sure not everything I say is going to fully resonate with everyone, but I hope that at least some of the content will be useful to you to help get that fire burning!

What to Expect:

Here is a glimpse of some of the 50+ themes or topics that are on my mind that you can expect to see in the coming weeks:

  1. Behind every leader is someone that believed in them

  2. Treating mentorship as a behavior

  3. Preparing for your performance review

  4. Saying "thank you" the way people understand

  5. Actions speak louder than anything

  6. Stop treating failure as failure!

This list will continue to grow everyday, and if you would like me to hit on a topic, I am always open to suggestions! :)

How This Will Work:

These articles will be short - ideally 5 to 10 minute reads on tidbits of information or thoughts on how you can lead your career. I will weave in personal examples, situations I’ve witnessed, and knowledge I've acquired through books and podcasts. Additionally, all articles will have a "call to action" providing direct guidance on how you can go lead your career…TODAY.

I intend on putting these out weekly, and since I'm SURE no one is going to go to LinkedIn and search them out every week (we're busy) I'm going to record an audio version of every article and put them in podcast form (The Lead Your Career Podcast). You can just subscribe to the podcast wherever you get your podcasts from, and listen on the way to work :)

Are you ready to lead your career?

Note: All of the opinions expressed in this article are my own, and are not a reflection of the viewpoint of my employer.

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